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Mrs. Hebert kept on asking her husband to take her to the ballet. Mr. Hebert hates the ballet, but when his employer
invited him and his wife, he could not get out of it. As they drove to the theatre that evening, the fog got worse and
worse. The traffic slowed down to a walking pace and almost stopped. When they eventually got to the theatre, the
ballet was over. Mrs. Hebert could not work out how it had taken them so long to get there, even taking the fog into
account. The theatre was within walking distance of their house. It took her a long time to get over the disappointment.

A month later, Mrs. Hebert found out what had happened. Mr. Hebert told a friend of his that he had taken wrong
turning on purpose. This friend told his wife, and the wife immediately went around to tell Mrs. Hebert. The two women
began to plan revenge. One day, when Mr. Hebert was not in, they broke into his study, which he always locked. His hobby
was collecting old coins. Mrs. Hebert had already worked out how much his collection was worth:$850!They were taking
some coins out of the case when they heard a car pull up outside the house. Mrs. Hebert quickly switched the light off,
and they waited, holding their breath. The front door opened and Mr. Hebert came in. They heard him take his coat off.
He walked towards the study door and opened it. There was no chance for the women to get away without being seen.
Mr. Hebert switched the light on and was astounded to see his wife standing there with a handful of valuable coins. It took
both husband and wife a long time to get over this.

1.Which of the following is correct?

A.Mr. Hebert likes to watch ballet.       B.Mrs. Hebert likes to watch ballet.

C.Both of them like to watch ballet.    D.Neither of them likes to watch ballet.


2.It was quite ______ when they drove to the theatre.

A.rainy    B.stormy   C.cloudy    D.foggy


3.The theater is ______ from Mr. and Mrs. Hebert's.

A.an hour-driving      B.in the other side of the city

C.very near              D.half an hour of bicycle riding


4.The wife of Mr. Hebert's friend is a ______.

A.social worker   B.baby sitter   C.house cleaner   D.gossip


5.When Mr.Hebert came home,the two women were______.

A.planning a revenge        B.in the study

C.out of the study            D .opening the door to the study


Halloween (October 31) is a holiday widely celebrated with different names in many countries. Although it originated
as a religious holiday, it has lost its religious connections in the United States. It is now celebrated largely as a children's
day, and many American children look forward to it for days and weeks beforehand.

The orange pumpkin is harvested at this time of year and is hollowed out, a funny face cut into it, and a candle placed
inside as decorations in the window. City folks, nowadays, sometimes use paper pumpkins for decorations. Some years
ago, the holiday was celebrated by dressing up in strange and frightening costumes and playing tricks on one's neighbors
and friends, such as ringing door bells, throwing bits of corn on the window panes, and in other ways making minor
disturbances. More recently, children come to the door to have friends and neighbors admire their costumes and guess
who they are behind the false faces and receive treats of candy, fruit or cookies. They say, "Trick or Treat", meaning "
I will play a trick on you if you do not give me a treat."

This practice has even more recently developed into a significant international activity. Instead of or along with candy,
the children collect money for UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund). This special collection
of money by children for needy children throughout the world is known as "UNICEF Trick or Treat". Begun only recently,
it results in several million dollars each year contributed to UNICEF. The collection box is orange, reminiscent of the pumpkin.

6.What does Halloween originate from?

A.A children's day.   B.A children's trick.  C.A religious day.  D.A UNICEF day.


7.What is the symbol of Halloween?

A.Pumpkin    B.Candle   C.Costumes   D.Money


8.The holiday was celebrated in the following ways some years ago EXCEPT ______.

A.putting on strange and frightening costumes

B.receiving treats of candy, fruit or cookies

C.playing tricks on one's neighbors and friends

D.ringing door bells


9.Why do children collect money in the Halloween?

A.They love money.                                     B.They want to get enough money to buy themselves candy.

C.The adults are willing to give them money.   D.They want to help other children.


10.The collection box is dyed orange because ______.

A.children love orange                              B.orange stands for happiness

C.orange is the color of pumpkins               D.orange is loved by adults




11.After a meal in a restaurant, you ask the waiter for the _______.

A.bill         B.note    C.receipt     D.menu


12.He offered to _______ her a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry.

A.help   B.show    C.lend     D.borrow


13.Not only _______ our money, but we were also in danger of losing our lives.

A.we lost    B.lost we   C.we did lose   D.did we lose   


14.Bill always does _______ he pleases, without regard to the feelings of others.

A.however   B.that    C.whatever    D.which


15.The theory of class currently prevailing in the West is ______ based on what Max Weber, a German sociologist, proposed.

A.fairly     B.kindly    C.largely    D.greatly


16.His answer was so confusing that I could hardly make any ________ of it at all.

A.sense     B.meaning    C.intelligibility    D.interpretation


17.If the rain doesn't stop, people will be faced ________ serious flooding.

A.to    B.about    C.by    D.with


18._______ his number for an hour only to hear a busy signal, she became impatient and called the operator for assistance.

A.Dialing     B.Dialed    C.Having dialed      D.To dial


19.The hurricane left, _______ the ruins to this area.

A.to be left    B.leaving    C.to leave    D.left


20.Their idea is _______ to us all and you don't need to tell us more about it.

A.apparent     B.appearing    C.approaching    D.apart



Everyone likes a person with good manners but no one likes a person with bad manners.

"Yes," you may say, "__21__ what are good manners? How do I know what to do and what not to do?"

Here are some examples of the things that a well-mannered person does or does not do. He never __22__ at
people when they are in trouble. __23__, he tries to help them. He is always kind, never cruel, __24__ to people
or animals. When people are waiting for a bus, or in a post office, he takes his turn. He does not push __25__ the
front of the queue. In the bus, he gives his seat to an older person or a lady who is standing. If he accidentally
bumps into someone, or gets in their way, he says "__26__me" or "I'm sorry".

He says "please" when making a request, and "Thank you" when he receives __27__. He stands up when speaking
to a lady or an older person, and he does not sit down __28__ the other person is seated. He does not __29__
other people when they are talking. He does not talk too much himself. He does not talk loudly or laugh loudly in
public. When eating, he does not speak __30__ his mouth full of food. He uses a handkerchief when he sneezes
(打喷嚏) or coughs.


A.therefore    B.or    C.but    D.so



A.smiles    B.laughs    C.enjoys    D.delights



A.Instead   B.Instead of    C.Rather than   D.Though



A.both    B.nor    C.neither     D.either



A.in    B.for    C.to     D.before



A.Pardon    B.Forgive    C.Release    D.Excuse



A.anything    B.something    C.everything    D.one thing



A.even though     B.as    C.so that    D.until



A.interrupt    B.join    C.mix up     D.bother



A.when    B.with    C.after      D.since




答案:You should follow the doctor's instructions on how to take the medicine.


答案:In learning English, what we need most is to practice.


答案:If he started/set off at 8 o'clock in the morning, he should have been there by now.


答案:He can not only play ping-pong well, but also play the piano well.



Instructions:Your essay should be no less than 150 words.

Directions: You are to write an essay on the topic"Should Private Cars Be Encouraged in China".You should base
your composition on the outline below:






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